About me

I’m Beth, the designer, creator, photographer, and shipper behind slashKnots! The name ‘slashKnots’ stems from my two biggest loves - Slade & Cash (slash) my amazing boys ❤️ And my jewelry journey began in 2010 when I started knotting beads.  

My mom was an avid crafter and introduced me to a wide range of crafts when I was young - drawing, painting, needlepoint, crochet, embroidery, ceramics, sewing, floral art... basically everything BUT jewelry making! It wasn’t until years after her passing that I started playing with beads and once I did I FOUND my niche! I still dabble with other art forms but jewelry has been a constant. For me, jewelry is the ultimate way to express who I am every bit as much as the style clothes I wear. Casual is key - but with a luxe edge. I wear something I’ve made on a daily basis and it has to clear 2 tests: it HAS to be comfortable and it HAS to have an ‘it’ factor. I want my jewelry look to be memorable as well as easily wearable.

Most of my designs are inspired by colors and themes that I fall in love with through travel... but I’m a sucker for a gradient ombré palette! I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled extensively and I love to share glimpses of my adventures on my Instagram. My favorite trip to date was to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. (So much so that we went two years in a row!) Everything is so over the top luxe and gold is a primary color! It definitely influenced me to use gold in most of my work now.

My style is constantly evolving but one thing remains the same and that’s my eye for detail and meticulous work-womanship. I’m a perfectionist and I know what I like (and more importantly, what I don’t like). The best feedback I receive is about the quality of my work and it truly touches my soul every time!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you find something to treasure! ✨